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Secure yourself electronically

An electronic lock or a simply a smart lock is different from your everyday locks. This lock work with electric currents that goes through them .these locks mostly use magnetic field, electronic signals or motors for working. Electronic locks are the safest locks available for security as they are quite hard to break-in and provide great ease of mind.

Let’s take a look at these locks:

Magnetic locks:

Magnetic lock mostly known as Mag lock uses magnet as the main element of lock. This lock is put on the door frame and corresponding is its amateur placed, the magnetic field running through it helps in its working and locking and unlocking.

Stand- alone locks:

These locks are operated with the help of keypads or push-buttons that are present on the lock itself. When a correct combinitation of digits is entered it releases an electrical signal that unlocks the lock. These locks are mostly considered as combinitation can be changed as many times without actually changing the locksmith.

Electronic drop:

These electronic drops are similar to deadbolts, if you have deadbolts as your lock then you can replace them with this type of lock by just drilling some holes to pass electrical wires that help in sending electronic signal to lock and unlock the door.